Our service:

  • Carry out process and work analyzes in the area of ​​waste

  • Cost reduction through a package of measures in the area of ​​waste
  • Effective personnel planning and deployment during and after the festival

  • Advice on decision making in the field of waste

  • Controlling in the field of waste (food – nonfood)

Would like – must – want they change something in the garbage area?!?

Yes, we all want to change something. But is it always that easy? Many factors play a major role here.

  • Costs, personnel, equipment, deadlines, lessors, environmental protection, etc.

You won’t really be able to achieve the goal alone, here we have to involve your guests together and show them that it is possible to create less garbage and to leave the site cleaner!

Yes we have to change something! This is where legal provisions and official requirements come into play. Authorities and offices give us a set of rules that changes from year to year. So there has to be a constant rethink in the area of waste. Public pressure also affects them. A mature concept focuses on cooperation with authorities and offices in order to achieve the common goal.

Yes we want to do something! Together we develop a concept for sustainability and environmental protection. In the first year you will certainly have to break up old structures, rethink processes and also break new ground. However, these changes will lead to the desired goal. Through these measures, your guests, your residents, your lessors, authorities and offices, as well as your fellow campaigners from the festival industry, will envy your image gain.

“Let’s not talk about it so much – let’s do it!”

The first question you have to ask yourself as a future customer of EnterNature GmbH is:

“What can it cost?”

We won’t be the cheapest, but we will definitely make it the cleanest! This is no empty talk, this is a promise!

During their festival, everyone is busy with the show running. When the festival is over, everyone is happy to get away as soon as possible. And no one is in the mood for trash anymore!

Give this area to us with confidence and we will convince you in a short time that this decision was the “right one”.

Whether you only use us as a consultant / optimizer / waste manager or order our entire cleaning team.

We are available for a consultation at any time.

Make an appointment for a free consultation!